In the United States of America the justice system works for those with money!  No money, you can't sue to get justice or get a proper legal defense. With money you can get away with murder.  How many innocent, poor people are in Prison?!! No money, no justice!!!!!!​
My little blurb with my little experience with the Judicial System-TERRIBLE.
It is cheaper to be on the defense and Great if you are truly guilty of anything-those get ALL the protections.

Mike and Lisa want you to believe they are Christians by the name of her company (Promised Land Group, LLC), have a Blessed day after her voice mail, Mike is a Biker for Christ-there is nothing Christ like in their Souls.
Do not move here. Same owners both properties. Also own many trailers and rental homes in Wood County, Rains County, Van Zandt County and Kaufman County-to name a few.

Now known as The Oaks of Alba and Yantis

Address: 7965 US-69, Alba, TX 75410
1585 County Road 1970, Yantis, TX 75497